Win Enterprise Myanmar

Agricultural Supply Chain & Logistic Management


Myanmar origin Agro products for ASEAN are  

Agricultural product such as Rice, Pulses , Sesame, Rubber, Chili, Onion,etc... 
Fishery product such as Lobster,Jelly fish,  etc... 
Forestry product such as Teak, Rattan, Bamboo,etc... 
Mining product such Jade, Ruby,Gemstone, main export of country. 
Currently, exporting Agro-products to China, India and Thai through border trad agreement and sea bone trade. 

We specialized in Myanmar Pulses Black Gram-Ural / Green Gram- Mung/ Pigeon Red-Tuar, Oilseeds Sesame White/ Black/ Brown , White Rice , Rubber & related logistics services.

Export and Import  Registration No. Hta Tha Ka 15399, Member of The Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry ( UMFCCI ), Registration No.10490

YANGON Region Port facilities for Logistics    

It operates average 200 times a month with 13 private container liners between Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia and India, include 21 terminals, wharfs and berths mostly located in Myanmar International Terminal Thilawa-MITT, Bo Aung Kyaw Wharves-BSW, Asia World Port Terminal-AWPT Myanmar Industrial Port Wharves and Sule Pagoda Whaves.

Border Trade logistic lead time

India-Myanmar-China routes:                                                                                         Tamu-Mandalay-Lasho-Muse 10 dyas/ Reed-Mandalay-Lasho-Muse 13 days

Thailand-Myanmar-China routes:                                                                               Myawaddy-Mandalay-Lasho-Muse 18 days/ Tachilate-Kengtung-Minelar 3 days

India-Myanmar-Thailand routes:                                                                                   Tamu-Mandalay-Kawkareik-Myawaddy 12 days

Myanmar-China routes:                                                                                             Yangon-Mandalay-Lasho-Muse 13 days

Myanmar-Thailand routs:                                                                                           Yangon-Kawkareik-Myawaddy 5 days