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Agricultural Supply Chain & Logistic Management

About Us 

Win Enterprise was established in 2000 one of export & local distribution office and extend as supply chain management & Logistic Offices in Myanmar, associating with various domestic farms, producers and reliable supply-sources of Agricultural products for customers in China, India East Asia, ASEAN, South Asia and Oceania. We committed to sustainable development in term of social fair trade, greener environment, caring of natural resources, regional economical growth and improved employment in Myanmar.

Export and Import  Registration No. Hta Tha Ka 15399, Member of The Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry ( UMFCCI ), Registration No.10490

Our domestic core business is export Myanmar Agricultural commodities to the global market and distributing imported food stuff . As well as , import fertilizer required for domestic farming market. 

We committed to sustainable development in term of social fair trade, greener environment, caring of natural resources, regional economical growth and improved employment in Myanmar.THE CORE VALUE of Win Enterprise stands for Tangibility, Transparency, Credibility, Efficiency & Effective-ness with THE VISION of being reliable supply-source of Myanmar origin commodities and those value added goods for worldwide business entities through our associates around the globe and THE MISSION to support all business entities` requirements in economical and dependable aspect to maximize their profit from our international associated trading arena             


OUTSOURCING Myanmar origin commodities  

The application of INCOTERMS 2010 delivery rules, UCP600 Banking rules, URC522 Collection rules and English contract Law governed by ICC- International Chamber of Commerce, France, however, all arbitration under The Arbitration Act 1944 Myanmar and agreements and contracts are governed by the Law of government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar . All our trade transactions are the most secured, efficient and abiding legally responsibilities for all our esteem customers, with intention of securing both parties trade interest and transactions. 

We, abiding ICC- International Chamber of Commerce rules and practitioner, welcomes all international traders who honored and practiced above basic international trading rules and specific regional government trading laws of various countries to maximize business opportunities in our specializing trade sphere under ASEAN platform.





Myanmar Agro-Products & Season


 Products SeasonDays
 Season Market & Trade time Remark
 Rice  Monsoon 120-130 July,Aug,Sept, Oct Nov, Dec,Jan,Feb,Mar 
 1006301900 Summer  Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr  Apr,May,Jun 
 Black Gram  70-120 Nov,Dec, Jan,Feb Mar,Apr,May 
 Mung Bean Monsoon 55-75 Aug,Sept,Oct Nov,Dec,Jan,Feb,Mar 
 0713319050 Winter  Nov, Dec, Jan Feb, Mar, Apr 
 Sesame Monsoon 100-110 Apr,May,Jun,July Aug,Sept 
 1207400000 Winter  Aug,Sept,Oct,Nov Dec, Jan 
  Summer  Feb,Mar,Apr,May Jun,Jul