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Triple superphosphate (TSP)



Triple superphosphate (TSP) 

Formula: Ca(H2PO4)2. H2O 

Grade: Fertilizer grade


Water Soluble P205: 37% Min
Free Acid (As P2O5): 5% Max
Moisture: 3% max
Size (1-4MM): 90% Min 





Description: rained solid, weak acidity,

Appearance: Gray or dark brown.

Suitable for long-distance transport and storage, easy soluble in water, almost insoluble in ethanol, loss water when heated to, blocked when dampen, corrodible and moisture absorptivity is stronger than ssp. Due to containing no iron sulfate and aluminium-sulfate, phosphate can not be deterioated easily. 


It is weak acidity quick-acting phosphate fertilizer, is wide used at present as high concentration single water soluble phosphate fertilizer, it has high fertilizer efficiency, strong adaptability, can improve alkaline supply phosphorus and calcium to plants and accelerate the plantis sprouting, rooting, growing bearing fruits and ripening.